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stationeryx.pk first purchase review | Online Stationery Store

stationeryx.pk is an online store for School & Office Stationery and Arts Products. It is aiming to become Pakistan’s largest stationery and art products portal. Integration with schools, colleges, and bookstores is planned for the coming days.

StationaryX’s mission is to create a social impact by offering educational products that can serve deserving communities. They aim to do it by catering to children with special needs, NGOs & community centers, offering them special discounts on their catalog. StationaryX is also looking into developing a network in rural areas for women.

At StationeryX, they also pledge that for every single order, a percentage of profits will be invested in educational initiatives all across the country. The startup wants to do its bit by sponsoring and enrolling underprivileged children in schools across Pakistan. (Source ProPakistani)

stationeryx.pk Review:

Hey folks!

Today, I just have received my first order from stationeryx.pk which is an online stationery store. I purchase a list of stationery items like File cover, file bag, paper rim, file bag and metal waste bin.

I am very satisfied with their service, delivery. Especially their packaging was very good.

Negative Points / Suggestions: They are using DARAZ.PK packaging boxes which have Daraz logo on it. My suggestion would be to go for their own custom made boxes.

Overall Experience: 8.5/10
Price: Same market price
Delivery: Best (Rs.150 nationwide).

You can also purchase stationery from this link:

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